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December 25, 2003 — Update! (And Merry Christmas!)

We’ve learned more about Rhiana’s performance on White Collar Blue, and are we ever impressed! Thanks to the site (well worth visiting in its own right!) we’ve been able to see two wonderful clips from Rhiana’s episode. Her character’s name is Lily, and she crosses paths with a vicious ex-con who’s the prime suspect in a series of unsolved murders. When he abducts, drugs and assaults her, she manages to escape, and the police realize that the pattern of this assault is identical with the M.O. of the unsolved murders. Now Lily may be their best chance to finally capture this killer, if she’ll cooperate. Rhiana’s performance, in the two clips we’ve found, is extraordinary. In one clip, Lily struggles to answer the police’s questions — and even understand them — through the haze of the drugs her attacker slipped her. In the other, she tearfully nerves herself up to help the police entrap him. You can see the clips either by signing up for a membership at, or by accessing our Files area in our Yahoo!Group. We should have images available on the site very soon!

December 20, 2003 — Update!

Our shopping page is now online! Click here to purchase Rhiana’s commercially-available works, 15 Amore and Pitch Black.

December 20, 2003 — Update — Is Jack Back?

We’ve received word from an Australian Rhiana fan that she was interviewed on the radio the other day. Apparently, along with discussing her upcoming art show and her time spent in L.A., she talked about how her face and voice will appear in an Anime tie-in to the Chronicles of Riddick, as Jack! As you can guess, we’re very excited to hear this, and dying to hear more. As soon as we learn anything, you’ll definitely see it here!

December 13, 2003 — Update!

Gee, we should have named this site “The Art of Rhiana Griffith!” On January 17, 2004, Rhiana, a gifted painter as well as a brilliant actress, will be opening her first exhibit in the Tighes Hill Gallery! The 50+ paintings are a body of work she’s entitled “Chrysalis,” named after the “challenging transitional year” she’s experienced and won her way through. Hopefully we’ll get more information soon… WOO HOO RHIANA!

December 12, 2003 — Update!

Our Desperately Seeking Brandi filmography section is now online… click here to read about Rhiana’s performance in this edgy short film, and to see screencaps from the film! You can also view it online — you will need Quicktime 6.0 to view it. Huge thanks to John Horniblow, the film’s producer, for his help and information!

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