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April 9, 2004 — Join and Vote!

We have such beautiful galleries. One of our finest screencap galleries is courtesy of Suave, of Suave’s Celebrity Images. But although the images are gorgeous, several of them were distorted by the TV signals during capture. Ardath has found a way to correct that distortion, now… but she has more than one way to do it, and some fixes work better than others, depending on the picture. You can help her decide which images are the best, by voting in our forum. Sign up today and help us pick them out!

April 8, 2004 — LUNCH WITH RHIANA!

Tune your radios, Aussie fans! 1233 ABC will be having Rhiana Griffith as its special guest next week! On Tuesday, April 13th, Rhiana Griffith will be the guest on the “Lunch With” show. Click here to read more about it… and check out the spectacular new images of Rhiana!

They just don’t get more beautiful than this!

April 8, 2004 — Update!

Galleries 25 and 26 are now up in the Pitch Black section.

We definitely agree… this is lit like a Renaissance painting… and what an angelic beauty that is on the left!

April 7, 2004 — Update!

Galleries 23 and 24 are now added to the Pitch Black section.

April 5, 2004 — Updates!

We’ve added galleries 21 and 22 to the Pitch Black section. Also, check the Articles Section if you haven’t been there in a while. Several more text-only articles have been added, including an article written by Rhiana’s 15 Amore costar Joel Pieterse and a follow-up article about the Lisa Ho fashion show. Give them a look!

April 4, 2004 — Update: The Great Turban Theft!

Did you ever notice this moment in Pitch Black? It happened so fast, a lot of people never really saw it. Watch as aliens steal Suleiman’s turban!

Galleries 19 and 20 are now up for your enjoyment!

April 3, 2004 — Update: Rhiana on the Catwalk!

Here’s a new image of Rhiana, courtesy of the Maitland Mercury!

We also have the full article stored in our Articles Gallery, for posterity!

April 2, 2004 — Update: And more PB Image Galleries!

Galleries 16, 17, and 18 are now up. Enjoy!

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