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May 4, 2004 — Mystery Girl

Erin Pedz was watching the news when a report aired about Lisa Ho’s fashion shows in Sydney this month, as part of Fashion Week. She’s positive that she saw Rhiana in the background while Lisa was being interviewed! But a search of news archives of the show doesn’t seem to indicate that Rhiana was one of Lisa’s models — all of them appeared to have “fried” blonde hair. However, we did find this shot, of a model in another designer’s show…

Update: We now know that no, this isn’t Rhiana. Too bad… but she definitely makes an entry in our “Doubletakes!” gallery.

May 3, 2004 — More images from the Lisa Ho Parade!

We’ve acquired some fantastic images of Rhiana on the catwalk, thanks to 1233 ABC Newcastle! Just look at how beautiful our girl is!

(Leaving the stage)

May 1, 2004 — New Dark Fury Images!

We’ve been given access to some fantastic new images from Dark Fury, which are definitely whetting our appetites! Take a look!

It now appears that this will be the official
DVD cover, and not the “green eyes” cover we first found.

This appears to be the mammoth spaceship that
captures Riddick.

Detail of the spaceship…

These are shots of a craft identified as an “escape
shuttle.” What do you want to bet Riddick pilots it?

Would you look at that… the skiff is back!

Delightful materials! Hopefully we’ll get some “Jack” shots soon!

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