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June 26, 2004 — Woo HOO! New White Collar Blue!

Thanks to Desiree and Virtual Void, we now have wonderful new video clips of Rhiana’s performance on White Collar Blue. (Be warned, these are extremely large clips, several megabytes in size. If you’re on dial-up, they will need a long time to load.)

Brand New • The Teaser
In this opening clip from the episode, before the credits, a day off on the beach for two of the detectives is interrupted by cries for help.

New Version • Lilly Under the Influence
Lilly Derwent attempts to answer the police’s questions about her attacker. The only problem: he dosed her with Rohypnol and it’s getting harder and harder for her to communicate.

New Version • Comforting Lilly
Constable Sophie Marinkovich helps Lilly nerve herself up to identify her attacker in a lineup.

Brand New • Lilly and the Lineup
A terrified Lilly comes face-to-face with her assailant. This time she’s protected by the police, but that’s not much of a comfort.

We plan to have stills from the new clips in our galleries very soon. Thank you again to Desiree, who taped the show for us, and Virtual Void, who converted these scenes into .mpgs!

June 23, 2004 — New Site Banner!

The Rhiana Griffith Fan Club would like to extend its warm and sincere thanks to Eve, at Rhiana’s agency, and to Rhiana herself, for arranging permission for us to display our beautiful new Rhiana “Angel” banner. You ladies are the best in the world!

June 16, 2004 — Aussie Dark Fury Release Date

It appears that Aussie fans won’t have to wait too long before they, too, can see Rhiana’s performance in Dark Fury. Information we’ve found indicates that it will be available for purchase starting July 7. We’ll see if we can get a link before then for your use!

June 15, 2004 — Amazing Grace

Rhiana’s agency has sent us an absolutely beautiful new image of her, which you absolutely must see!

They’ve also given us some information on more of Rhiana’s works, so expect the Filmography area to undergo an expansion soon! Also, Dark Fury DVDs are now out, and we’ve been getting our copies and reviewing them. Ardath has posted her review here. The short verdict: a definite keeper and a must-see for Rhiana / Jack fans!

June 14, 2004 — Great Dark Fury Review!

“I think I enjoyed this animated film more than the latest Riddick film, but you’ll have to check it out and decide for yourself.”
– Scott Chitwood.

Heh, of course. Rhiana is in it… also revealed is that the film’s villainess, Chillingsworth, is played by Tiny Toons alumna Tress MacNeille (quite a departure). Dwight Schultz plays the A.I. Pilot (for those of you as ancient as Ardath, he was “Howling Mad” Murdoch on The A-Team, and he also has a voice credit on Escape From Butcher Bay!)

For the full review go here… Sadly, it looks like Rhiana may have been snubbed (again!) in the DVD extras, but at least we get to hear (if not see) her perform at last. Have you ordered your copy?

June 9, 2004 — Belgium, man, Belgium!

We just discovered that Rhiana’s episodes of Home & Away are currently airing in Belgium on their Channel 3. We’re not sure how far along the series is. The Monday, June 7 synopsis regarding her character was as follows: “Aimee verbaast haar huisgenoten door een spontane gedaanteverwisseling te ondergaan.” Thanks to Chicky, we’ve been able to translate it to: “Aimee’s housemates are astonished by her spontaneous makeover.” So it looks like this is when the Aimee arc begins its detour into Single White Female territory. Any Belgian fans feel like taping for us?

June 8, 2004 — Dark Fury Music Video Images

Ardath was finally able to cap the Dark Fury music video, and the result is that we have 60 new images in our galleries. You’ll definitely want to give them a look! Today is also the Dark Fury Premiere Party in New York City! We wonder if Rhiana will be there…

Peter Chung, you rock!

June 3, 2004 — Dark Fury Promo Images

These images come from the Pitch Black rerelease. Although we were disappointed that there were no clips of Rhiana providing her voice services to the film, at least we got some nifty shots of Peter Chung drawing her — and does Jack ever look like Rhiana! It’s good to know that one director in this process can be faithful to the original movie. Check out the pics!

Less than two weeks left until the release! Have you ordered your copy?

June 2, 2004 — Update: Dark Fury Trailer Images!

We finally have some good shots from the Dark Fury trailer. They’re small, but very nice, and we’ve given them their own gallery. Check a few of them out:

And just for fun, compare the image in the second row with this image from the first movie:

It now appears that the action of the anime takes place almost immediately after Riddick, Jack and Imam leave the Pitch Black planet. Pretty cool! Shame the live-action sequel isn’t nearly as faithful…

June 1, 2004 — Update: Laura’s Fan Art!

We are very privileged to have been given permission to showcase Laura McNally’s beautiful Riddick/Jack PhotoManips for our Image Gallery. These are some gorgeous images that Laura created, of the dramatic pairing we were hoping to see in a sequel. Check out what she’s given us!

These images are photomanipulations. They are composite images of Vin Diesel and Rhiana Griffith and have been altered to make them appear that they posed together. They do not represent any sort of actual photo session or relationship between either actor.

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