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August 26, 2004 — Cool new article and picture!

Check out the Maitland Mercury’s latest article about Rhiana, and feast your eyes on the gorgeous picture of her they printed with it! It’s from the same photo shoot, by photographer Shelley Cornish, as the “Angel” picture we used in our banner! We have no idea which horror movie Rhiana has auditioned for, but you’d better believe our fingers are crossed!

Go Rhiana! You rule, as always!

August 21, 2004 — More Dark Fury!

Gallery 13 and Gallery 14 of our Dark Fury Screencaps are now up. Check them out:

Jack’s definitely in trouble now! Oh, and did you notice…

The pattern on the floor is in the shape of a Shryll. Just thought we’d point that out.

August 18, 2004 — Cool Search Images!

Big excitement at the RGFC — we’ve gotten in contact with Bronwyn Kidd, producer of Search, the short film Rhiana starred in when she was sixteen! She’s sent us some lovely images from the film and a bunch of wonderful information that will help us get that filmography page completed!

Some of you may have seen these two before, since Hannah Hilliard also shared them with StvnsAngel back when we were setting up the old YahooGroup.

Brand new — this lovely behind-the-scenes image shows Rhiana with Peter Fenton, who plays a man who might be her character’s father.

We think Bronwyn included this shot for our male contingent!

And we have another great piece of news — it looks like Search will be available on video! Ardath is finding out more and we will post ordering and price information as soon as we know all the details! Woo HOO!!!

August 15, 2004 — Brilliant Fan Artists!

We are so proud of the creative endeavors of our members, and we’re delighted to spotlight two new galleries, thanks to SabrinaMarie and Laura McNally! Sabrina Marie has made us eight delightful Rhiana icons that people can use as avatars on message boards and livejournals…

Click here to see the rest!

Meanwhile, Laura McNally has put her Riddick/Jack Photomanips into Avatar size, and made a few new ones as Avvies:

Click here to see the rest!

We have the best members on the Internet!

August 13, 2004 — More Dark Fury and lots of fun!

Gallery 11 and Gallery 12 of Dark Fury screencaps are now up! Check them out…

We suspect Jack would rather have found Riddick some other way…

Also, yesterday our message board reached and went past its 100th member! We’re delighted to welcome all of our new members, including #100, “arcbat.” Have you signed up for the board?

August 10, 2004 — More Dark Fury Caps!

Gallery 9 and Gallery 10 of Dark Fury screencaps are now up for your enjoyment, and more will be coming soon!

That’s our Jack, adorable as usual!

August 9, 2004 — Cool new 15 Amore Cover!

Check out how lucky Aussie fans are going to be in a few more days, when 15 Amore becomes available down under! This is what their DVD cover will look like!

That just pretty much rocks, wouldn’t you say? We like it so much we’re going to use it on the filmography page from now on!

August 8, 2004 — Lovely news and cool ART!

First, everybody mark your calendars — we just got word from a very reliable source that on October 12, Rhiana will be guest-starring on the Aussie TV show All Saints! This is some more excellent exposure for our girl — so everybody program your VCRs!

Next, check out the work-in-progress by one of our members, budding artist and anime student Idiosyncratic Ten. Her anime take on Rhiana’s face rivals Peter Chung’s rendition, in our (humble!) opinion! (She wants to stress that it’s a work-in-progress and that she’s still revising, but we’re delighted to have her fan art for our collection no matter what!)

Ten, we love it!

August 4, 2004 — Rhiana Loves Her Fans!

Check out the brand new article from the Newcastle Herald, which we got a transcript of! Rhiana’s online fans get a mention, and boy is our girl a sweetie! If anyone has a hard copy of this article, that they can scan, we would deeply appreciate being able to add it to our gallery!

Ardath is going out of town today and won’t be back until Monday the 9th, so updates will be a bit slow until after her return.

August 3, 2004 — More Dark Fury Screencaps!

We are pleased to bring you Gallery 7 and Gallery 8 of our Dark Fury screencaps — another one hundred images of our Jack!

As usual, she’s utterly adorable!

August 1, 2004 — Dark Fury coming to Region 2!

We finally have a release date for Dark Fury in the UK — August 16, 2004. You can pre-order through us with this link!

Also, the Pitch Black Special Edition will be released the same day, and can be ordered through this link!

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