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September 28, 2004 — All Saints episode title unveiled!

Thanks to the folks at AustralianTelevision.Net, we now know the title for Rhiana’s upcoming episode of All Saints! On October 12, Rhiana will guest star in Episode #289, “Out On A Limb.” The synopsis, from AustralianTelevision.Net’s All Saints page, is below:

Frank volunteers Jack and Terri to help when passengers and crew of a cruise ship are stricken with food poisoning. Cate and Mac investigate an underaged girl working at a brothel. Nelson puts himself further at odds with the ED staff by being overzealous in his new role as Staff Educator. Regina’s first day back as Ward Clerk in the ED is not without its tensions, especially where Frank is concerned.

That “underaged girl” is “Cindy,” played by our 19-year-old Rhiana! Two weeks left, and she’ll be gracing the small screen again!

September 26, 2004 — First “PISS Fest” review!

The Portland Mercury has reviewed the PISS Fest films… and our girl’s film was a favorite! As reviewed by the Mercury’s Erik Heinrikson, “‘A Whole New You’ takes a sympathetic and funny look at alienation.” Not a long review, but he was covering eighteen films, and it was the first one he mentioned in his list of “the good ones!” Whoo HOO!

September 25, 2004 — More Dark Fury!

“You gonna keep that?” Yeah, that’s our Jack! Grossed out or not, she’s spotted a nifty souvinir of her experience — too bad it’s so explosive! Well, at least our girl will give Riddick a hand up when he needs one…

Shame there wasn’t a character like this in The Chronicles of Riddick, isn’t it?

Gallery 19 and Gallery 20 are up now for your enjoyment!

September 24, 2004 — The World Premiere of A Whole New You…

Is tonight! If you’re in the Portland, Oregon vicinity, tonight is the first night of the Portland International Short Short Film Fest (PISS Fest!) and A Whole New You is one of seven short-short films making their World Premieres at the festivities! We should have some articles on the event over the weekend — we’re very excited to see how the film does, because it’s very brilliant!

In other news, we should know the name of Rhiana’s All Saints episode in the next few days, and we’re very excited about that as well. Things have been quiet on the update front because Ardath has been recuperating from a nasty virus, but we’re hoping to have some exciting news soon, and we’re about to get back to updating the Dark Fury screencap pages, too. Don’t forget to check our message board for updates, too!

September 14, 2004 — A Whole New You screencaps!

We’ve capped Rhiana’s scenes from her brilliant performance in this lovely short-short film. Check them out, but don’t forget to also watch the video itself on the New Film Media website!

You can see all of the caps, and read the synopsis and production notes, here.

September 6, 2004 — Woo Hoo for a Whole New You!

We’ve just learned that Rhiana’s latest short film, A Whole New You, will be having its world premiere at the Portland International Short Short Film Festival, more affectionately known as “PISS FEST!” The festival takes place in Portland, Oregon on September 24 and 25 and will be showcasing 18 films, including our girl’s latest work. Click here to read about the festival, and here to read about the films in question. And best of all, you can see A Whole New You now! Go here, and you can watch it in one of three online formats. Be warned that the files are enormous; if you’re on dial-up, it will probably take you several hours to download. But boy are they worth it — Rhiana is adorable!

September 5, 2004 — More Dark Fury — Jack Struts Her Stuff!

Check it out, Gallery 17 and Gallery 18 of Dark Fury are now up, and our Jack is showing off how brave and selfless she really is!

That’s our girl! We don’t know who that was in the CoR feature film, but this is definitely the Jack we knew and loved from Pitch Black!

September 2, 2004 — More Dark Fury!

Gallery 15 and Gallery 16 are now up — enjoy!

Looks like Imam and Jack could still use a little help!

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