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February 26, 2005 — Fantastic Success, Wearable Art, and Sim Rhiana!

Rhiana’s third art show has concluded its gallery run, another huge success! The Tighes Hill Gallery says that they still have a few copies of her book, and a few of her small paintings, left for people who want to contact them, but those are in very limited supply. In more lovely news, Rhiana is contributing works to the gallery’s next show, which opens today — a wearable art collection featuring a number of local designers.

In other lovely news, we have a new fan artist who has contributed her work, a beautiful Rhiana Sim for use with The Sims 2:

We know we’re impressed!

February 3, 2005 — Let the Revelry Begin!

Today’s the big day! Rhiana and Damien’s joint exhibition opens at the Tighes Hill Gallery! This exhibition pairs big brother Damien’s poetry with little sister Rhiana’s paintings, and will run through the 20th at the gallery. In addition to the paintings, a limited-edition book of the works has been published and is being sold as well. The siblings are donating part of the proceeds from the sales to the UNICEF Tsunami Relief fund.

There’s still time to purchase a copy of this limited-edition book. You can contact the Tighes Hill Gallery (serious inquiries only, please). Also, check out Rhiana’s page on the gallery website for a look at several of the beautiful paintings in the exhibition.

The exhibition is making news in Australia, of course, and we have two new articles about it. One is from the Maitland Mercury, and the other is from the Newcastle Herald, and both are delightful reads.

Things have been quiet for the last month or so on RGFC because a bunch of our staff has been involved in a design project for another website that’s preparing to launch. In a few more weeks, though, we plan to have a lot of new things going on again… and in the meantime, fortunately, Rhiana’s been making lots of news in her own right!

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