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April 19, 2005 — Welcome to our 200th Message Board Member!

The Rhiana Griffith Fan Club would like to extend a warm welcome to EsorRatnick, our 200th member on the message board, and to all of our new members! We love having all of you with us, and you’re a huge part of what makes this site so much fun!

Haven’t joined our message board yet? It’s easy, just go here and register.


Yes, it’s April 16 now in Australia — and soon in the rest of the world as well — and Rhiana is twenty years old! Everybody at RGFC wants to send our best wishes for her on this lovely day.

Rhiana, you have already had such an amazing career, and achieved such remarkable things, and it blows us away that you’ve done this much and come this far already. We are, as always, so excited to see what you will do next, because we know it’ll be wonderful.

Happy birthday, Rhiana, and many happy returns, from all of us at the RGFC! You’re our favorite star!

April 12, 2005 — Volunteer Update!

We’ve received word from the film’s producer that the preliminary edit of the short film is completed. It will be followed by the sound edit (in progress), which will be completed in plenty of time for the film’s trip to Cannes!

Also, the short teaser has a new name, changing from “The Obedience Study” to “Wrong Answer.” Word is that Rhiana’s performance in it is absolutely brilliant and stunningly intense… we’re dying to see it!

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