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May 31, 2005 — That’s More Amore!

We’ve been screencapping more scenes from 15 Amore, again, and adding them to the image gallery! We’re now up to 600 screencaps (in our usual OCD fashion) with many, many more scenes to come! Again, all of these caps are worth it because someone turns in a performance that has a stunning amount of nuances when you take it apart during capping.

Check out all of the images here!

The Cannes Film Festival and Film Market have concluded, so hopefully there will be word, soon, on the status of Volunteer. In the meantime, we’ll keep enlarging our galleries, and hopefully we should hear word about Rhiana’s wearable art and her book, soon, too!

May 23, 2005 — Flickerfest Gets Its Own Gallery!

We have lovely new images for your enjoyment, from the TV ad for Flickerfest! These screencaps show Rhiana Griffith as Barbarella, and Rupert Reid as Pygar, as they prepare to defend the Earth from an apparent alien invasion… only to realize that the aliens are friendly, and just want to party with them on Bondi Beach for Flickerfest. Hilariously cute and cheesy, this commercial is a riot and part of a wonderfully fun ad campaign.

Check out all the images here!

Fun trivia: The director of the ad, Bronwyn Kidd, directs the entire festival and also served as producer for Rhiana’s short film Search.

May 1, 2005 — Lovely new Fan Art!

The Rhiana Griffith Fan Club welcomes thehush to our group of fan artists, and is proud to to present her collection of 25 Pitch Black / Dark Fury icons! Perfectly sized for use on message boards and blogs, these icons will let you express your pride at being a Rhiana/Jack fan.

The rest of thehush‘s works
Our complete avatars and icons gallery
Our Fan Art section

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