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June 26, 2005 — Rhiana on her career!

“I’d be happy doing low-budget, independent films… I don’t want to have a profile like Nicole Kidman. I’d like to have consistent work in roles that I love. That would be just fine.”

Read the full article here!

June 18, 2005 — Amazing Fan Artists!

We’re just blown away by the amazing fan art our members have been submitting lately. From photo-manipulations to icons, they’re doing it all, and making our gallery grow and grow! Check out some of the new highlights:

These two gorgeous photomanips by M have blown us away! Check out her banners and avatars, as well!

Peter sent us a collection of wonderful avatars, some “bases” and some animated. Check the full set out here!

Mel, our own StvnsAngel, finally ditched WebTV for a real computer, and has gone to town with icon-making. These two are the first ones she’s given us, and we suspect she’ll be sending us many more!

Want to participate in the Jack Classic campaign? It’s our attempt to convince Universal that restoring Rhiana to any future Riddick franchise outings would be in their best interest! We’re constantly adding icons to the collection, so check it out here!

See why our fan artists are blowing us away? These works are fantastic!

June 13, 2005 — Group Art and Rhiana!

Rhiana’s art is at it again! Her works are part of the Group Show exhibition going on right now, until July 3rd, at the Tighes Hill Gallery! Click on the links to see one of the beautiful paintings that Rhiana has submitted, along with other gorgeous works from Newcastle-area artists. And pssssst, best of all… check out who posted the news story!

Looks like our girl is coming up in the art world!

In Volunteer news, Jon Cohen (the director) has told us that Laura Sivis (the film’s producer) has returned from Cannes with a lot of great ideas. As of yet, we haven’t heard when shooting might begin, but hopefully we’ll be hearing good news soon!

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