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July 31, 2005 — Learning Tennis With Rhiana!

Our latest batch of 15 Amore screencaps is up, and we love these! Follow along as Rhiana’s Mercia teaches Tara Jakszewicz’s Rachel how to play tennis, with amusing and adorable results. No wonder Rhiana calls this film “innocent and romantic…” we do too!

Click here to see the entire set!

July 24, 2005 — More 15 Amore!

We’ve uploaded another 200 screencaps from 15 Amore (yes, with our usual OCD attention to detail, for all of our fan artists). Check them out!

We love these screencaps, and the next set will be even better — next up will be the Tennis Lesson sequence! Click here to see all of the new caps in the set!

If you haven’t already bought your copy of 15 Amore, go here to rectify that!

July 14, 2005 — Calling All Fan Fiction Writers!

One of our members, saith underling, is launching a Pitch Black Ficathon and is looking for talented writers to participate! We’re very excited about this project, which should result in some really spectacular stories. If you think you might be interested in participating, go here to learn more about how it works and what the requirements are. We hope to see you there!

July 9, 2005 — More Art, More Articles!

Our fan artists are in amazing form! We have several new photo-manipulations and sketches now, created by our talented members. Here are a few to check out:

By maryflynn23 By endorwitch

Wonderful images, aren’t they? These are only a small sampling of the artwork on the site. Click here to see all of the fan art!

And we’ve received yet another amazing gift from endorwitch, who dug through her old articles to find one none of us had ever seen before!

Isn’t that spectacular? We know we’re delighted! Click here to check out all of our articles!

July 4, 2005 — Gorgeous new pictures!

Our very own endorwitch got hold of a copy of Rhiana’s June 18th article, and has scanned the three pictures from the article! Two are shots from the photo session Rhiana did with Shelley Cornish (photographer of the “Angel” picture in our banner!) and the third is a shot of Rhiana and her brother Damien at the opening of their Sibling Revelry exhibition.

Aren’t they spectacular?

endorwitch said she could only get a black-and-white copy of the article. If anyone has a color copy they’d like to contribute, we’d love to have it!

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