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September 25, 2005 — Three Times the Charm for Wrong Answer!

Ardath’s back from the Frankly Film Fest with wonderful news! Our girl was a major hit and blew everybody away!

Wrong Answer was incredibly popular at the festival, both with the judges and with the audience alike. How popular? It came away with three top prizes in the festival:

– Judge’s Choice: Short Film

– Audience Choice: Short Film


Best of Fest!

That’s right, our girl’s newest film swept all of the categories it qualified for, and took home the festival’s top prize! And that was no mean feat; Ardath saw almost all of the entries and says there was a lot of amazing material entered in the festival.

We send out our heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS! to JD Cohen, Laura Sivis, everyone involved in the creation of Wrong Answer… and of course, to Rhiana, who’s finally getting the recognition she’s long deserved! We know this is just the beginning!

September 22, 2005 — Frankly Film Fest, here we come!

The winners of the Frankly Film Fest contest have been announced, and guess who took home the grand prize?

If you guessed our own webmistress, Ardath Rekha, you were right! She’s hitting the road tomorrow morning to make her way to Middletown, Ohio, where she’ll have her first chance to see Rhiana on the big screen since Pitch Black!

She promises to file a full report with us when she gets back. Woo HOO!

September 6, 2005 — Win Tickets to see Wrong Answer!

The Frankly Film Fest is having a contest and the Grand Prize is two all-access passes to the Festival! Click on the link to see more details about how the contest works, because you could be getting to see the theatrical premiere of Rhiana’s new short film if you win! You will be responsible for your own transportation to and from the event, but if the trip is one you can make, this is a great opportunity!

Presales of tickets have already begun for the event, and this is definitely a festival we want to support!

So… who’s road tripping to Ohio at the end of the month?

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