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December 22, 2005 — Sorry about that

Our webhosters came under some kind of hacker attack a few days ago, which is why the site was up and down and looking pretty messy for the last few days. They say everything’s resolved now, and we have our fingers crossed. It’s good to be back!

December 12, 2005 — New Rhiana Works!

We have been given the extraordinary privilege of being allowed to display six of Rhiana’s newest paintings! These paintings are so new that Rhiana hasn’t even titled them yet! They are part of a series she’s putting together for a show that she expects will open in mid-2006. It is our very distinct honor to be able to display them here!

These paintings will not actually be available for purchase until they appear in their art show, but as soon as we get details about where and when that will be, we’ll be sure to share them so that any prospective buyers can contact the gallery about whichever one you’ve fallen in love with!

Thank you, Rhiana! We are all so honored here!

And check this out too…

It’s a new face-shot of Rhiana, by photographer Shelley Cornish, and is she ever gorgeous! We love this picture so much that we’re considering coming up with a new layout to showcase it!

December 6, 2005 — Out of the Chrysalis!

We’ve been given very gracious permission, from Rhiana’s agent, to share some lovely photos taken at the premiere of her first art show, Chrysalis. These five images are of the opening ceremonies, and include Rhiana addressing the premiere’s attendees, her brother Damien giving a poetry reading, and Rhiana posing with some of her extraordinary paints. There are no words for how delighted we are to be able to show these!

We hope to have more pictures and news very soon!

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