October 31, 2004 — Big Update…

Wow, it’s been a while! Sorry about that. A lot has been happening on RGFC but we’ve been so deep into it that we kept forgetting to talk about it on the front page! Updates will be slow for a while because we’re preparing to move the site to a new and more reliable service provider. But that doesn’t mean nothing’s been happening…

First, we’ve completed the Dark Fury galleries! Another 215 screencaps have been added, taking us through the rest of the movie. Check them out…

Don’t you just want to snuggle Jack?

Second, we’re proud to present a lovely new fan artist, Auspicious, and her lovely ink drawings of Jack. If you’ve been hanging out on the message board, you may have seen them already! Here’s a sample…

Cool stuff!

Third, we have two new articles about Rhiana in our news section. One is a short piece in which Rhiana describes what she likes to do on a Saturday night. The other is just a brief mention in an article about all the promising Newcastle-area actresses who are lighting up the big and small screens. If you live in the area, and have scans of any of our articles, we’d really love to have them… send them here and you’ll get full credit for contributing them!

Things may be a little quiet on this page for a while, as we prepare for the move (we’re revamping some sections of the site in the process), but be sure to check our message board for new stories, discussions, and fun.

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