November 11, 2004 — Art Updates!

We’re still preparing for the server move, but in the meantime we have some lovely new Rhiana stuff for you to enjoy!

First, we have a new image gallery in Fan Art, showcasing the beautiful avatar icons that Katy has been making. Check them out, because they’re gorgeous!

Second, we recently discovered that the portrait that Robyn Stanton-Werkhoven did of Rhiana was entered into the Portia Geach Memorial portraiture contest in Australia, and was one of sixty paintings selected for the show! Not only that, but on October 31, Robyn and Rhiana were speakers at a talk given in conjunction with the show: “Painting That Well-Known Face.” Robyn was one of four portrait artists speaking on their experiences of painting a celebrity, and Rhiana spoke as well, to give the perspective of a portrait subject.

And if that wasn’t cool enough, we found this online:

These images come from Rhiana’s second gallery show, “A Month in Kaos,” which was held in May! If you’re interested in ordering larger versions of any of these images, click on the picture to go to the site, or email here.

We should be making our server move in about another two weeks, so things are still going to be a little quiet around here… on the surface, anyway. There will be a lot of new stuff after the move!

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