December 18, 2004 — Image Updates!

We’ve got some new galleries making their debuts! First, Ardath has re-capped all of the “Lilly Under the Influence” images in the White Collar Blue gallery, using her DVD. We’re hanging onto the original caps as well, because there are actually some differences between the two sets that make both worth keeping.

Ardath loves these caps, but she says that it’s a little bit like how yawning’s infectious! Processing them made her so sleepy!

Second, Artemis has capped the brief appearance of the real Jack in The Chronicles of Riddick, and we’ve added a gallery of those caps to our Dark Fury collection. We’d love to know why she didn’t get a screen credit in the film under the circumstances… Angela Makin got a credit for her part in Pitch Black, despite having no lines and never actually making it onscreen! Maybe there’s some good reason for that, but it seems pretty dodgy to us…

That’s the girl we were hoping to see more of in that film…

And finally, we have some cool images from the opening events of Flickerfest 2005, including the poster featuring Rhiana, and some of the guests posing in front of it. Hopefully this is just the start!

Kind of funny how he’s wearing the wings this time, eh? We love the Barbarella motif! We’re going to see if maybe this poster is for sale, because we know we want it for our walls!

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