January 16, 2005 — Flicker-Festivities, and Search Returns!

It’s definitely a great time to be in Australia! Flickerfest is finishing up this weekend, and has that ever been exciting for us! We have two new articles about Rhiana, thanks to it. One just has a brief mention, and we’re hoping maybe someone will send us a hard copy of it because it has a picture of Rhiana in it that we’d love to see! The other is the Newcastle Herald’s latest spotlight of our girl as she talks about starring in Flickerfest’s TV commercial!

The promotional agency for Flickerfest was also kind enough to send us a much better quality version of the Flickerfest poster, and was happy to let us share it with everyone in the fan club.

Click on the image to see an even larger, more glorious version, than you’ve seen before!

And now, the best news of all… Aussies, set your VCRs! Search will be airing in just a few days! If you have Showtime or Showtime2, you have a chance to catch Rhiana’s performance as May, a girl stalking a man old enough to be her father. It airs on Showtime on 19 January, 2005, at 2:20 am, and then airs again on Showtime2 at 4:20 am, the same day. We wish we were there to watch it with you!

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