August 16, 2005 — Rhiana Griffith: Sports Coach!

Okay, we’re starting to sense a trend here. First we had caps from the part of 15 Amore where Rhiana’s character gives another girl a tennis lesson… now we have this wonderful clip from her run on Home & Away, and what’s our girl doing? She’s giving a surfing lesson!

We just acquired two fantastic clips from the show, which were apparently made by Andy from BOMScans. Back in ’03 Andy gave us a bunch of wonderful pictures of Rhiana from her Home & Away run; we had no idea he’d also made these!

The Surfing Lesson
In this clip, Rhiana’s character Aimee Cooper offers to give some pointers to Haylee (Rebecca Cartwright) and
Dani (Tammin Sursok). It’s a minute and a half long, and very high-quality (more than 10 megs!) so give it a while to load. (You might want to save it to your computer.)
  The Bikini Carwash
Yes, you may already have seen a version of this; Suave (of the now-defunct Suavescans) gave us a copy in ’03. But apparently he cut out a bit of dialogue, which is available in this version!

Thanks go out to Sanmatty at AussieCelebs, who was sweet enough to dig these out and share them, and thanks of course go to Andy for creating them!

So who’d like to sign up for Rhiana’s next gym class?

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