May 8, 2011 — Rhiana is taking commissions!

If you’re like many of us, you’ve been half a world away from our leading lady’s art shows, and most of the works — if you could even learn about them in time — were probably out of your price range. So you had to make do with wistfully admiring them and wishing if only there were some way they could magically be on your walls. Well, Rhiana’s been busy lately, and one of her latest ventures is something that might just result in you having your very own, and very personal work of Rhiana art in your home at last!

Check out FLYBABY art, which just went live! In one of the best baby-art ideas since Anne Geddes did her Down in the Garden collections, Rhiana has launched a site where she is taking commissions to turn your baby pictures (and pet pictures, and expecting-mum pictures!) into fantasy portraits that you can hang on your wall, wear on a shirt, and use in a variety of other really cool ways.

And, as we said, this is something you can commission for yourself!

So take a look around the site and check out Rhiana’s designs in the gallery — and if you can’t see her in Poppy’s face, we’ll be amazed — and give a little thought to what kind of picture you might want to commission. Do you have a child whose inner dragon-fighter needs to be revealed? A baby whose secret identity as queen of the butterflies should be spotlit? Or a beloved pet who needs to return to watch over you as an angel above your mantle? The possibilities are endless!

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