June 26, 2004 — Woo HOO! New White Collar Blue!

Thanks to Desiree and Virtual Void, we now have wonderful new video clips of Rhiana’s performance on White Collar Blue. (Be warned, these are extremely large clips, several megabytes in size. If you’re on dial-up, they will need a long time to load.)

Brand New • The Teaser
In this opening clip from the episode, before the credits, a day off on the beach for two of the detectives is interrupted by cries for help.

New Version • Lilly Under the Influence
Lilly Derwent attempts to answer the police’s questions about her attacker. The only problem: he dosed her with Rohypnol and it’s getting harder and harder for her to communicate.

New Version • Comforting Lilly
Constable Sophie Marinkovich helps Lilly nerve herself up to identify her attacker in a lineup.

Brand New • Lilly and the Lineup
A terrified Lilly comes face-to-face with her assailant. This time she’s protected by the police, but that’s not much of a comfort.

We plan to have stills from the new clips in our galleries very soon. Thank you again to Desiree, who taped the show for us, and Virtual Void, who converted these scenes into .mpgs!

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