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Welcome to the Rhiana Griffith Fan Club!

This is a web community and news resource for fans of this brilliant young Australian actress and artist. Whether you're a long-time fan of her work or just discovering her, we have the information about what she's done, and what she's doing, that you're looking for. Browse through our pages and you'll see why we feel Rhiana is one of the most gifted actresses to emerge in a very long time, and that she's destined for great things to come.

Most of our pages are now online. We still have a few image galleries and filmography pages to bring up, but everything else is in place. Make sure you keep checking back, though, because we're constantly finding new things to add to our pages.


September 15, 2006 — Silverchair’s Daniel Johns Collaborating With Rhiana!

The latest article from the Newcastle Herald just came out and it’s amazing! At Rhiana’s two upcoming shows, she’ll also be showing a painting by Silverchair’s frontman Daniel Johns!

The two are apparently good friends, and Rhiana persuaded him to do a painting that will be displayed during the two shows and auctioned to benefit the charity World Vision. These shows are going to be very hot!

The Herald has also made mention, again, of an upcoming acting role for Rhiana. We’re hoping to have more to report about that soon!


September 12, 2006 — Upcoming Rhiana Projects!

Wonderful news! Hunter Life has just published an article about Rhiana and artist Gareth Graham, who will be exhibiting together at the Tighes Hill Gallery at the end of September! Their show will run from September 28 to October 16, featuring a mixture of her paintings and his sculptures. The article also has some cool news about upcoming acting projects; we hope to learn more soon!


In additional, wonderful news, Rhiana has another show upcoming, in Sydney! She’ll be exhibiting at the the Gaffa Gallery in Sydney’s Surry Hills, from October 26th to November 7th. Especially given the fascinating things Rhiana has to say about her new paintings, we’re very excited!


September 3, 2006 — Wrong Answer up for top award!

We just got word that Wrong Answer has been nominated for Best Film of the Festival at the Great Lakes Film Festival! This is, as you can imagine, news that has us very excited.

Want to go see it and cheer it on? It’s scheduled to play on Friday, September 22, in the 7:00 PM block of short films. A ticket to that one block is $4.00. Prices are higher if you want to attend more events that night, or more days of the festival. Full information, and directions to the Roadhouse Theatre, can be found here.

Woo hoo, Rhiana, Jon, and Laura!


August 13, 2006 — Next Stop: the Great Lakes Film Festival!

The next film festival has been announced!

Wrong Answer will next travel to Erie, Pennsylvania for the Great Lakes Film Festival, which runs between September 20 and September 24, 2006.

The schedule has yet to be published, but as soon as it’s up, we’ll post the dates and times of Wrong Answer showings here. Tickets to individual screenings are $4. An all-day pass to the festival is $10, and an all-access pass to the entire festival is $25. The festival will be held at the Roadhouse Theatre For Contemporary Art in Erie.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more!


July 13, 2006 — Wrong Answer showing schedule published!

For those of you interested in attending the 15th Annual Brisbane International Film Festival, you can now get your tickets to the showing of Wrong Answer. The schedule has been published and the film will be shown on August 11th at 7:00 PM in Southbank Cinema 3, and runs right before the feature-length film Em 4 Jay. We could not find an actual ticket code on the page to tell us the price for the showing, but you can register on their site and buy your tickets now!


July 12, 2006 — Acoustic Nerve Wins Regional Art Prize!

While we wait for word regarding Rhiana’s Hollywood trip, and Volunteer’s preproduction, it’s wonderful to know that Rhiana’s art career is also flourishing! Cessnock’s YourGuide.Com just reported that Rhiana’s painting, Acoustic Nerve, took the Regional prize in the Weston Art Show! And they have a new picture of her, posing with her winning painting!

Word is that Rhiana will have her next solo show with the Tighes Hill Gallery in November, too!

Congratulations, Rhiana, from everybody at the RGFC! You make us all so proud!


July 3, 2006 — Wrong Answer comes home at last!

Next stop for Wrong Answer: The Brisbane International Film Festival! This is actually the first festival showing of Wrong Answer on its native soil, so all of you Aussies will finally get a chance to see it! The festival runs from July 21 to August 13, but the actual schedule has yet to be posted. We’ll let you know as soon as we have the dates and times that our girl’s film will be airing!


June 5, 2006 — Winnipeg International Film Festival!

We have word of a new film festival that Wrong Answer will be playing in, and with it, a new shot from the film!

Wrong Answer will be playing at the Winnipeg International Film Festival on Thursday, June 8th and Saturday, June 10th! If you’re in the Winnipeg area, you definitely need to attend this event and see Rhiana on the big screen again!

Tickets are available via Ticketmaster — buy yours today!


May 25, 2006 — Attention New Zealand Rhiana fans!

If you live in the Christchurch area, you can catch Rhiana’s Home & Away episodes! Tune in to Prime, at 3:30 pm, and you can catch her playing Aimee Cooper as she slowly goes from wayward wild child to demented “single white female.” Erin was channel-surfing and lucked upon it, and we’re very excited, because it’s episodes we weren’t able to catch or tape before! Woo hoo, we’ll have more Rhiana caps in the near future if all goes well!


April 24, 2006 — Wrong Answer Goes Underground!

Wonderful news, for those of us in range: Wrong Answer is going to be shown at the Tribeca Underground Film Festival in May! If you’re interested in seeing it (and can make the trip to New York City), it’s screening on Friday, May 5, between 7:00 and 9:00 PM at the Park Avenue Screening Room. Order your tickets now!

Wrong Answer is definitely on the move in the film circuit! Apparently we missed it when it hit the Boston Underground in March, but word is that it’s up for consideration in some more festivals, so we should hopefully be announcing more dates soon!


April 16, 2006 — Happy 21st Birthday Rhiana!

Although it’s not quite the 16th yet for much of the world — even Rhiana, who we believe is still in L.A. — the day is dawning in her hometown and with it, her 21st birthday! This year, that also happens to be Easter, so everybody at the RGFC is raising a chocolate bunny in toast!

Happy Birthday, Rhiana, from everyone at the RGFC! We love following your career, both as an actress and as an artist, and we’re looking forward to your next projects!

(Oops, when we did the banner we left off a link to our articles section. Until we go back to the old banner, just use that link if you want to read articles about Rhiana.)


February 23, 2006 — New Chat Applet!

For those of you who like to visit our chat room, we’re very happy to announce that we have a new and better chat room gateway for you to use. You’ll probably notice the difference immediately when you use it. We’ve updated our how-to guide on our chat gateway page to reflect the changes, in case anything confuses you. Enjoy!


February 9, 2006 — On Her Way to See Paris!

We just got a lovely little tidbit of news! Rhiana and her backpacking group have embarked on their journey, and all is well. Next stop: Paris, France! Everybody at RGFC hopes she’s having a wonderful time!


February 5, 2006 — Getty Images Has Rhiana!

Color us surprised! This time last year, we gave up searching on Getty Images for any Rhiana pictures, but apparently they got some almost immediately after we did! Fortunately we found them at last. They’re shots from Rhiana’s A Month In Kaos exhibition and they’re very cool!

Yes, that’s Rhiana’s mother posing with her in the first image! Does anybody recognize the top she’s wearing? Click here to check out the entire set, or click here if you want to buy one of the images from Getty!


January 29, 2006 — Rhiana’s On Her Way!

We just got word that Rhiana is on her way out of Australia! Word has it that she’ll be stopping in Tokyo, and then heading to Spain, for the start of her backpacking trip through Europe. Once the trip’s over, she’ll be heading to L.A. for some intensive networking and auditioning. Her latest interview with the Newcastle Herald talks in more depth about what she plans for the trip!

Bon Voyage Rhiana, we’re all rooting for you!


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