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This is a collection of promotional stills and screen-captures for The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury. We are very proud to present this collection in its new home for your enjoyment!

1892 images in 9 albums

Screencaps - 1715 images

In our usual obsessive-compulsive fashion, we've capped Jack's scenes in Dark Fury, taking great care to capture every nuance of illustrated expression. For a bit of fun, watch them using the "slideshow" feature, and you'll see what we mean.


Publicity Stills - 7 images

Here are a bunch of nifty marketing images that were used in promoting the release of Dark Fury. They certainly got our attention!


Screenshots from Electronic Artists - 13 images

These images were made available by Electronic Artists as previews of what Dark Fury would be like. A few of the images are half-rendered, with vivid characters against grayed-out backdrops, giving a fascinating insight into the animation process as well.


Cast Shots - 5 images

Here are a few promotional shots of the characters from Dark Fury. We bet you can guess which one is our favorite!


Ships and Sets - 17 images

These gorgeous images of the ships and settings for Dark Fury come to us courtesy of Electronic Artists, the firm that was in charge of promoting the DVD's release!


Dark Fury Trailer - 25 images

These images were among our first captures from the Dark Fury promotional materials... from the original online trailer that hit the Internet back in spring of 2004! It can still be seen on the Dark Fury site. (Capped by Ardath Rekha)


Dark Fury: Advancing The Arc - 30 images

These screencaps come from the promotional tie-in short on the Pitch Black re-release. They were capped by Artemis Aristoboule.


Music Video - 60 images

This music video can be seen in its entirety on the Dark Fury website... featuring the music of Machinehead! (Capped by Ardath Rekha.)


The COR Flashback - 20 images

There actually was a little bit of the One True Jack in The Chronicles of Riddick. Riddick had a few flashbacks to memories of Rhiana's Jack in the film, which certainly served to draw attention to how implausible Kyra was as a continuation of her. For some unfathomable reason, Rhiana was denied a screen credit for this (Angela Makin got a credit in Pitch Black despite her dead character never making it to the screen, so that baffles us) but we'll take all the Genuine Jack we can get!


9 albums on 1 page(s)

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