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This is a collection of fan art... art created by Rhiana's fans to celebrate the many beautiful facets of her career and her acting abilities. We encourage you to leave feedback for our talented artists. Do you have an image you would like to contribute? Send it to us and we'll add it to these pages.
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Sketches and DrawingsThis is freehand (or computer-assisted) art drawn by our members, based upon Rhiana's face. It may be stylized or photorealistic, but it's definitely Rhiana.
8 29
Photo-ManipulationsPhoto-Manipulations are altered photographs. This may include applying Rhiana's face to a new body to give her different clothes or a different hairstyle. It may involve photoshopping Rhiana and Vin Diesel into pictures together to create "Riddick/Jack" images. It may involve the creation of vivid graphics that present Rhiana's pictures in a new way. Please remember that these are altered images and what is portrayed in them did not necessarily occur in reality.
8 60
WallpapersWallpapers are images that are sized for your computer screen. They become the background image that you see whenever you boot up your machine, sitting behind your files and your windows. Our artists have designed wallpapers in two possible sizes -- 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768, the two most common screen sizes used. To get a wallpaper for your computer, click first on the thumbnail you like, then click on the larger image that appears. A full-size image will appear on your screen. Right-click it and choose "Set As Background."
4 26
Avatars and IconsThese are small images intended for use on message board systems, to celebrate your involvement in Rhiana fandom, and to help the whole world see her face. You will need to upload them to webspace of your own before you can use them on message boards, because our webspace is remote-link protected.
10 145
260 artworks in 30 albums and 4 categories

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Some photomanipulations are composite images of Vin Diesel and Rhiana Griffith and have been altered to make them appear that they posed together. They do not represent any sort of actual photo session or relationship between either actor. Original sketches and drawings are the exclusive property of their artists and may not be used elsewhere without the express written permission of those artists.


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