No. This site has been built by fans. At this time, Rhiana has no official site, which is part of why we created this. It was incredibly difficult for us to find out anything about her, or the things she was doing, or even connect up with other people who were interested in her career and knew things about it that we didn't. We decided to make a site that would fix that problem, but we have no professional ties to Rhiana, her friends, family, or management. We're just fans.
At this point, we don't have any contact information for her. We hope to get in touch with her representation and get an address where people can send fan mail.
  • Two full-length feature films:
  • Five short films:
  • At least five TV shows:
    • Children's Hospital (playing "Kelly");
    • Backberner (playing "Kristy Taylor");
    • Home and Away (playing "Aimee Cooper" between May and July 2002);
    • White Collar Blue (playing "Lilly Derwent"); and
    • All Saints (playing "Cindy").
  • A music video by rocker Ben Lee, called "Running With Scissors."
  • The 2005 Flickerfest Film Festival campaign, in both print and TV ads.

She began her career as a runway model for children's clothing lines and still periodically steps back onto the catwalk for charity events. She's also done TV ads (again, we don't know which ones yet) and when she was younger she appeared in catalogues and print ads as well.

Unfortunately, a lot of her work isn't readily available. 15 Amore, Pitch Black, and The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury are all out on DVD and VHS and can be purchased via our shopping pages. None of Rhiana's TV shows, unfortunately, are actually out on video at this time. Desperately Seeking Brandi can be viewed on the BladeDigital website, and A Whole New You can be viewed on the New Film Media website. Search is available through the Flickerfest distribution offices, for $75 US in VHS format. (Ask them about formats and prices if you're not in the US and they'll be glad to help you. You can also buy the Flickerfest 2005 commercial, starring Rhiana, for $40 US.)

Rhiana is a very gifted painter, who has won school awards in the past for her work. Now she's had several exhibits in professional galleries, and her paintings are very popular and have been selling well. Here is a quick list of her exhibitions:

  • "Chrysalis," a solo exhibition at the Tighes Hill Gallery, Newcastle, in January 2004.
  • "A Month in Kaos," a solo exhibition at the Cafe 249 gallery in Surry Hills, Sydney, in May 2004.
  • "Sibling Revelry," a joint exhibition with her brother, poet Damien Griffith, at the Tighes Hill Gallery, in February 2005. (A limited-edition book of their work was also released.)
  • "Wearable Art," a multi-artist exhibition at the Tighes Hill Gallery, in March 2005.
  • "Group Show," another multi-artist exhibition at the Tighes Hill Gallery, in June 2005.

A particular favorite gallery of hers is, obviously, the Tighes Hill Gallery, and the owners of the gallery are happy to assist anyone interested in purchasing a Rhiana Griffith painting.


Rhiana actually has a number of fascinating projects on her plate at the moment, all of which have us very excited.

  • She's continuing to work on paintings for gallery exhibits, and also may be launching a wearable art collection (possibly in conjunction with the "Push Play" label in Sydney).
  • She's working on a children's book featuring a group of fascinating (and adorable!) magical creatures of her own creation, called the Moples.
  • She has been cast as Clare Newell, a journalism student, in a psychological thriller called Volunteer. A short-film teaser for Volunteer, called Wrong Answer, has been filmed and is making the round of film festivals; Filming on Volunteer should hopefully commence later this year.
  • Currently, she is traveling in Europe with a backpacking group. She will be in Los Angeles for a few weeks to do auditions, so we hope to have even more news of upcoming projects soon.

There are a bunch of us. Ardath Rekha owns the site, and is doing pretty much all of the design work. Her partners are StvnsAngel (aka Mel) who took the initiative to start the original Yahoo!Group going, Artemis Aristoboule, Ayabie, and Shalimar. We also have a number of very dedicated, devoted regulars on the site who you will get to know well on our message board and in our chat room, and whose art and fiction grace our pages.

We're mostly big fans of Pitch Black, and Rhiana's character of Jack, who became frustrated when all the Pitch Black fansites turned into Vin Diesel fansites, and people started treating us like mutants for wanting to write stories about Jack and/or being more interested in Rhiana's career than Vin's. So here we are. Oddly enough, most of us are Americans, so far.


Absolutely. We're always on the look-out for new information, images, and so on. Anything you have, or know about, we'd love it if you shared with us. Especially Australian fans... you may know about something we've never even heard a whisper about before. Anything you let us know about, we'll give you full credit for on the site. You can either post to the message board, or write to us.
Our experience, on other websites we've managed, is that guest books are more trouble than they're worth. People leave abusive, confrontational, and delusional messages in them, post as people they're not, and engage in other behaviors that they never would do if they thought their identities could be revealed and their reputations could be damaged by their bad behavior. Anyone who wants to participate in discussions, in a positive manner, is more than welcome to sign up for a message board account and do so. Anyone who's just itching for a fight, or an audience for their latest melodrama, really isn't welcome, so we're not going to give them a platform for their theatrical nonsense.

Our policy is pretty simple: if a Rhiana work is available for sale, we want you to buy it. The best way to show our appreciation for her work, and help her career, is if we all go out and visibly (and financially) support the films and shows she's in. Therefore, we may screencap Rhiana's works (largely for our fan artists' benefit), but we'll only have .mpeg files of the ones that aren't commercially available. That also applies to works such as Desperately Seeking Brandi and A Whole New You, which have been made available for online viewing by their producers.

The purpose of the .mpeg collection is to ensure that Rhiana's fans can experience the full range of her work, not to in any way undermine the livelihoods of the filmmakers who have worked with her. They are meant to promote, rather than replace, the purchase of her movies and shows. Therefore, we will probably remove .mpegs of works if they become commercially available, with the possible exception of promotional trailers.


Write to us, and we will.

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