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Below is information about how our archives work:

  1. We are not an "open" archive.
    The Rhiana Griffith Fan Club wishes to archive the best of Rhiana fanfiction. We want our visitors to know that, if they open a story, they will have a wonderful time reading it. As such, we have very high standards regarding the fiction we will accept:
    • Minimal to no spelling/grammar errors.
    • Minimal to no tense errors.
    • Minimal to no POV errors.
    • High degrees of originality and believability.
    • Good plotting and characterization.
    Stories that meet these criteria will be archived. Stories that do not meet these criteria will need to be edited and then resubmitted. We do not consider this elitist. We work very hard on this site, and so we feel it's only right that the stories we showcase display a similar level of effort and commitment.

    Because our archive is not open, only a site administrator can register an author account for you. There are two ways that you can go about having an author account registered:
    1. Send an email to our mailbox requesting an account. You must provide a link to the story you wish archived. We will review the story and let you know whether or not you're approved.
    2. Sign up on our message board and post your story there for workshopping. After it has been workshopped and reviewed, assuming it meets our criteria, we will set up an author account for you and archive your story.
    Once you have an author account, you will be able to edit your existing chapters, upload new chapters, and even upload new stories. Depending upon how consistent the quality of your work is, these stories will either be reviewed before they are accepted into the archive, or will be automatically approved, so please don't start uploading your rough drafts just because you feel like you've "made it."

  2. The Rhiana Griffith Fan Club will not accept the following submissions:
    • Fiction about Rhiana Griffith as herself, or any other celebrity/real person as himself or herself. Real-Person Fiction is absolutely forbidden on this site.
    • Character-bashing fiction. We define this as fiction in which Rhiana's character is abused by the author. Now, sure, we'll happily take stories in which Rhiana's character is the villain of the piece... Aimee, for instance, played that role. But we are not interested in seeing stories in which Rhiana's character is trashed. We're not going to archive a story in which your Mary Sue beats up Jack and steals Riddick.
    • While we're at it, no Mary Sues or Larry Stus, please.
    • No Kyra. Kyra is not a Rhiana Griffith character. In fact, we don't consider her a legitimate extension of Jack at all. Unless and until Rhiana plays that role, she has no place here. The only exceptions, for now, are stories in which you make Kyra not Jack and bring back "the One True Jack." Otherwise, don't even try to bring her in here, because we consider her a badly-written Mary Sue, no matter who wrote her.
    • Plagiarism: This is the act of taking someone else's work -- whether word-for-word or their plot structure -- and presenting it as your own without giving them due or proper credit. It is theft. Any author found to have plagiarized another author's work will be permanently banned from our site and all of their stories will be deleted.
    • Sexually-explicit material written by minors. You do not have to be eighteen years of age to have your story archived, unless it contains sexually explicit material, or any other material that requires an NC-17 rating. If you are underage, please do not try to sneak such work into the archives. For one thing, you could get us into awful legal trouble.
    • Sexually-explicit material written about characters under the age of consent. In most English-speaking nations, the age of consent is 16 years old. Therefore, all characters explicitly depicted as engaging in sexual activity (or being made to engage in it) must be at least 16 and preferably older. (Tasteful, implicit references to underage sex may be permitted as long as they are not graphic or gratuitous. After all, at least two of Rhiana's characters have been teenage runaways, and molestation is a not-uncommon reason that many children run away from home, nor is it an uncommon fate of children on the streets.)
  3. All visitors to the archives may leave feedback. We expect this feedback to be courteous. Those who post flames and/or spam may end up banned from our site altogether (yes, we can do that).

If you have additional questions or concerns, please email us and we will address them here.

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