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Adventures In Babysitting by CCL [Reviews - 20]
Fanfic author CCL hires Riddick to watch her daughter. How hard can that be for Big Evil?

Category: Pitch Black > Jack-Less Fan Fiction
Rating: R Orientation(s): Gen
Pairing(s): None
Warning(s): Harsh Language
Chapter(s): 1 Word Count: 3992 Read Count: 577 Completed?: Yes
Published: June 09, 2005 Updated: June 09, 2005

Body Shots by Ardath Rekha, CCL [Reviews - 91]
This is a little "What if" scenario inspired by Kes and Leane's unfinished RP "In Her Best Interest." Riddick comes home to discover someone interested in his alcohol. Seeing Jack through new eyes, and realizing that she has, in fact, grown up while he wasn't paying attention (or was trying not to see), Riddick challenges Jack to a game. But neither one of them is really prepared for where the game will take them...
Category: Pitch Black > Roleplaying
Rating: NC-17 Orientation(s): Het
Pairing(s): Riddick/Jack
Warning(s): Mild Language, Alcohol / Drug Use, Explicit Sexual Content
Chapter(s): 1 Word Count: 6848 Read Count: 1598 Completed?: Yes
Published: April 25, 2004 Updated: April 25, 2004

Changing Times by CCL [Reviews - 23]
An idea for the Jack/Riddick pairing I haven't seen nearly enough. It's my world and I can do what I want with them. This story was written as part of the AoVD Lyric Wheel Project. The theme for the wheel was"The Holiday Season." Lyrics were provided by Ardath Rekha.
Category: Pitch Black > Songfic
Rating: PG Orientation(s): Gen
Pairing(s): None
Warning(s): None
Chapter(s): 1 Word Count: 2173 Read Count: 3227 Completed?: Yes
Published: April 15, 2004 Updated: April 15, 2004

More Than He Bargained For by Ardath Rekha, CCL [Reviews - 29]
It's six years after the events of Pitch Black. Riddick has just discovered Jack in a horrible predicament. Rescuing her was the easy part... but helping her recover from it may be more than Our Hero is capable of. And an unexpected betrayal is behind Jack's ordeal, one that will shock Riddick to the bone.
Category: Pitch Black > Roleplaying
Rating: NC-17 Orientation(s): Gen, Het
Pairing(s): Riddick/Jack
Warning(s): Controversial Subject Matter, Sexual Situations, Harsh Language, Explicit Sexual Content
Chapter(s): 9 Word Count: 34939 Read Count: 1435 Completed?: No
Published: April 28, 2004 Updated: April 28, 2004

Return to Babysitting, A by CCL [Reviews - 11]
Sequel to Adventures In Babysitting: Riddick gets dragged back to the scene of the crime. Silliness ensues.
Notes: Well, not a whole lot to say except thanks go out to Aya who read this while I was writing and kept demanding more. Otherwise I'd have tossed it out and moved on around 8pm tonight. Love ya girl!
Category: Pitch Black > Fanfiction
Rating: G Orientation(s): Gen
Pairing(s): None
Warning(s): None
Chapter(s): 1 Word Count: 3412 Read Count: 540 Completed?: Yes
Published: June 10, 2005 Updated: June 10, 2005

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