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This is our collection of images from the Flickerfest 2005 campaign. It includes screencaps from the TV ad, copies of some of the promotional materials, and pictures taken at Flickerfest events. Rhiana's in every shot! (As always, anyone who has additional shots or publicity materials with Rhiana, who would like to contribute them, please send them in!) If you are interested in ordering a copy of the commercial, you can do so by contacting the Flickerfest Distribution office.

73 images in 3 albums

TV Commercial - 68 images

These are screencaps from the commercial itself! Our webmistress has family in Australia, one of whom was able to tape the commercial and send it her way. The images are very stylized, intended to resemble a 60s movie -- Barbarella, to be specific. Ardath isn't sure whether the original images were intended to be compressed so that everybody looked skinny (the way some movies used to end up looking when aired on TV) or whether it was something that happened during region-translation, but either way, she stretched the images back out and made them proportionate so we can see Rhiana in all her glory. Be sure to watch them in slide-show!


Publicity Materials - 3 images

These are materials that were used during the promotion of Flickerfest. They included mini-posters, large posters, postcards, and website images for use in spreading the word about Flickerfest's premiere and tour. Millions of Aussies saw our girl, along with her friend and costar Rupert Reid, over the course of the ad campaign.


Event shots - 2 images

Flickerfest had a lot of festivities attached to it, at least one of which Rhiana, herself, attended. Pictures of these events are hard to come by, but we're keeping an eye out. In the meantime, pictures of her poster at the events will just have to do.

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