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This is our collection of Rhiana images, including publicity stills and news articles that featured her. We're very proud of our collection, and hope to make it grow even larger in the future. Do you have an image or article you would like to contribute? Send it to us and we'll add it to these pages.

217 images in 15 albums

Head Shots - 6 images

These are the pictures of Rhiana that her agents would give out for publicity and audition purposes. While we don't have many, they track Rhiana's growth nicely through the years of her career.


"Search" - 4 images

Rhiana performed in this short film when she was sixteen years old. At the moment, we only have a tiny handful of images; not enough for it to have its own gallery section yet. But we know you want to savor them, so here they are! Sincere thanks to Bronwyn Kidd and Hannah Hilliard for their kind contributions.


Chrysalis - 7 images

These images are shots of Rhiana with paintings from her very first professional gallery show, "Chrysalis," which was held in the Tighes Hill Gallery from January 15, 2004 to January 30, 2004. Virtually every painting in the exhibition was sold, with several traveling overseas to fans who learned about the show from our website!


The Lisa Ho Parade - 8 images

On March 31, 2004, Rhiana returned to the catwalk to model Lisa Ho's beautiful fashions in a charity fashion show benefiting the Hunter Valley Medical Research Institute. These lovely pictures come from that show, and we're proud to present them here.


The Shelley Cornish Photo Session - 4 images

These beautiful images were shot by photographer Shelley Cornish, and come from the same photo shoot as our wonderful "Angel" picture in our banner. Shelley is an extraordinary photographer who lives very near Rhiana's family, and her own daughter Abbie, who is three years older than Rhiana, has been earning critical acclaim with her acting career, too!


A Month In Kaos - 13 images

These wonderful images were shot by Patrick Riviere at the premiere of Rhiana's second solo exhibit, A Month in Kaos, in Sydney. You can actually purchase large copies of these pictures from Getty Images!


Sibling Revelry - 1 images

Images of and from Rhiana's collaborative art show with her brother, poet Damien Griffith.


"Wrong Answer" - 15 images

Spectacular early images from Rhiana's new short film (in production)!


"Julia" - 3 images

Production stills from Rhiana's newest short film, "Julia," filmed in late 2008. More information -- and a trailer! -- coming soon!


Gloria Jean's Coffee - 118 images

Stills from Rhiana's appearance in the early-2009 ad for Gloria Jean's Coffee, in which she portrays a young commuter whose daily stop in the coffee shop leads to a romantic connection with another regular.


Misc. Publicity Stills - 8 images

This album includes a variety of publicity shots of Rhiana that are not necessarily part of a particular collection. Some are from newspapers or magazines, others are from websites. All are, of course, absolutely gorgeous.


Articles - 13 images

We just love being able to show off articles about Rhiana, especially those with pictures of our girl in all her glory. We only have a few scanned, but hopefully we'll have more and more as time goes on!


Artwork - 6 images

Rhiana has been kind enough to permit us to display some of the paintings she's working on for her next show, which is slated to take place in mid-2006. These works have not yet been titled and are not yet available for sale. As soon as we have information about the art show, we will make sure to post all of the details for interested buyers.


Double-Takes! - 5 images

Sometimes it happens to us -- we see a face in a magazine, or on a newsstand, or on a TV show, and we think: Oh my god, it's Rhiana! Unfortunately, since most of us are in America, we're wrong about that 99% of the time. But this is a collection of images that made us stop and take a second look. We bet you will, too.


Site Graphics - 6 images

We've changed our banner a few times since we started the site, but we're very proud of each incarnation. Take a look in here to see how the site has looked since its inception.


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