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This is our collection of Rhiana images, including publicity stills and news articles that featured her. We're very proud of our collection, and hope to make it grow even larger in the future. Do you have an image or article you would like to contribute? Send it to us and we'll add it to these pages.
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Heather BlackFrom Firefly
Ardath, a big Firefly fan, was bowled over when she saw the "Heart of Gold" episode and Heather ran onto the screen for the first time. For a moment she wondered if Rhiana had moved to L.A. without anyone realizing. Ah, but it was not to be. Still, they could portray sisters, easily.
Mental Jack!From Getty Images
Okay, no, this girl doesn't really look that much like Rhiana, but maybe a little bit like how Jack from Pitch Black might turn out... if she went completely mental. Ardath found this image in the Getty Images archive, and made a greeting card out of it for her friend Dallas, whose Jack (as portrayed in Deeper Than Blood) might even actually do it. Wouldn't that be a sight?
The Fury and the PowerBy John Farris
When StvnsAngel saw this cover in her local book store, it stopped her cold. With the image a bit stylized and chopped up the way it is, it's hard to tell exactly, but the resemblance is uncanny. Hey, there are worse reasons to decide to read a book...
Wearing a Star on her SleeveHomebake 2003
Aussiephile Ardath has been all over the web lately, looking at websites and event sites originating in Australia. Homebake, a huge musical event in New South Wales, posted a ton of pictures on its site of revelers who attended its 2003 event. Among them, Ardath found this image. It's not just the face; it's also the pensive expression. No matter who she is, she's definitely worth a closer look.
Zimmermann ModelAustralia Fashion Week 2004
Erin Pedz was watching the news when a report aired about Lisa Ho's fashion shows in Sydney, as part of the May 2004 Fashion Week. She was positive that she saw Rhiana in the background while Lisa was being interviewed! A search of the Sydney Morning Herald news archives of the show didn't seem to indicate that Rhiana was one of Lisa's models -- all of them appeared to have "fried" blonde hair. But we found this shot, of a model in Zimmermann's show, wearing one of the outfits Erin could have sworn she saw Rhiana in. A search of Vogue Australia turned up another image, however, that confirmed this isn't Rhiana... but she sure had us going!
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