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  • Characters and events of the productions Rhiana has performed in remain the copyright of the respective studios.
  • Images from the productions Rhiana has performed in are copyright of the respective studios and are used here strictly in a non-profit fair-use manner, to promote those productions and Rhiana Griffith. Additional images (such as publicity stills and fan art) are the copyright of their photographers and artists. If you are the copyright-owner of an image and you wish to have it removed, please contact us.
  • Fan art is the copyright of the artist who created it. It is not to be used elsewhere without the express written permission of the individual artist in question.
  • Fan fiction is written using characters and events from productions that Rhiana Griffith performed in. Those characters and events remain the property of the respective studios. No copyright infringement is intended by the authors of these works, nor by the Rhiana Griffith Fan Club. Additional, original material, characters, and events within fanfiction stories are the property of the authors. Fan fiction is written for entertainment purposes only and no profit or salary is made from it by any of its authors or this site. The stories are not to be copied, used, or posted elsewhere without express written permission from the authors, and full credit to the authors and the studios.
  • Our fan fiction rating system utilizes the following ratings: G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17. These are based upon the ratings employed by American films, and are commonly used in fan fiction communities throughout the internet. We wish to stress that we are not affiliated with the Motion Picture Association of America in any way. Our use of these ratings is neither endorsed nor regulated by the MPAA, nor is it intended to infringe upon their intellectual property. We make no use on our site of any of their trademark graphics.
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  • The Rhiana Griffith Fan Club administrators take no credit for anything on this site which is not their own.
  • These legal notices are valid to all pages of the website.
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