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Lunch With Rhiana Griffith -- excerpt transcript by Maynard Printer

Lunch With Rhiana Griffith
1233 ABC Newcastle Audio
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Interviewer: Maynard
April 13, 2004

Maynard: 1233 ABC Newcastle, where you're at lunch with Maynard, Lindy's away today, and I'm filling in for her, and we have in the chair: Rhiana Griffith. Rhiana Jade Griffith, born in 1985 during the heady years of Wham.

Rhiana laughs.

Rhiana: Yeah, you've done your research.

Maynard: Well, I think '85, I think Wham, so, uh, your mum might have been wearing fluoro during the birth.

Rhiana: Oh, God, I don't know! That's a pretty funny visual, isn't it?

Maynard: She could have had a fluoro hat on, or a fluoro headband, as they had then, it could have been possible.

Rhiana: It's definitely possible.

Maynard: I was really impressed by the way you were able to talk about the industry in such a professional fashion for someone who hasn't been in it so long.

Rhiana: Yeah, I guess, you know, you learn lessons pretty quickly, and you have to really stand by those things that you've learnt, so you've got to remember.

Maynard: And again, I get back to your mum, because I can really see the mum being pivotal there. Because when I met your mum, she couldn't be anyone else's mum, there, really.

Rhiana laughs.

Maynard: I said, "oh yeah, that'd be Rhiana's mum, there, yeah!"

Rhiana: Yeah, well, people often tell me that, you know, we look very similar, and I think you could probably pick us out in a crowd.

Maynard: The one thing I've found about being on the catwalk, when I've done it once or twice, and let's face it, I'm no model, I'm a character guy.

Rhiana laughs.

Maynard: And character, in the modeling scene, is code for "ugly." Like, "that person's got character."

Rhiana: It's just a euphemism, isn't it? No no no?/p>

Maynard: It certainly is. You can't actually -- you say you can only be a visual presence and the whole idea is you're a hanging rack for these clothes and you've got to be a little bit blank at the same time, but then you're used to expressing yourself. How do you do that? What's it like to go back to that?

Rhiana: It's kind of like riding a bicycle. I don't think you really forget. I mean, and if you have a strong sense of self, I don't think you can really lose yourself in just becoming a clothes horse, you know, it's just--

Maynard: It's pretty weird. You're walking down the runway, everyone's looking at you, everybody's being looked at by everybody in the room, they're looking at the way the clothes hang on you, if something's wrong they're going to notice it, I, mean--

Rhiana: Yeah.

Maynard: It's got to have an effect on the ego, one way or the other.

Rhiana: Oh, I guess maybe I try to put those things out of my mind. But yeah, like, I think modeling's people are often scrutinized and just the image is so important. With acting, you know, you're able to impress people with more than just walking down the catwalk and looking good in clothes, you know, you can do a really great scene and whatnot, so--

Maynard: Yeah, what would you like to impress people with? Because some of your roles have not involved physical beauty at all.

Rhiana: Yeah. Um, I think I'm quite interested in, you know, roles that take me different places, and express different things, and, you know, it doesn't have to necessarily be focused on how that character looks. You know, they might have a really interesting background or storyline, or they might be able to portray a certain lesson that I'm interested in or have learnt myself.

Maynard: Rhiana Griffith, thanks for joining us today, and bringing your friend Emma. Hi, Emma again.

Emma: Thank you for having me.

Maynard: Now you've been taking notes during the interview. What do you give it out of ten, there? I see you've written two things--

Emma: It's like three pages!

Rhiana: She's got three pages!

Maynard: "Maynard must try harder and does not play well with others," you've written there. Which is, uh, a strange thing. Thanks for your time today, Rhiana, and say hello to your mum for me.

Rhiana: I will. Thank you for having me, Maynard.

Transcribed by Ardath Rekha.

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