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Circuit by Ros Reines Printer
By Ros Reines
The Sunday Telegraph
January 9, 2005

Summer fun at Bondi Beach

Planet Bondi is where it's all happening for the young and beautiful this summer. For women, wearing a bikini -- whatever your shape -- is de rigueur
(one-piece swimsuits are for retirement villages).

The cool crew tend to congregate at the northern end, with the tourists hogging the middle and the backpackers down the south end.

And the coolest things to buy on the beach are bottles of Sejuiced fresh juice in guava/apple or guava/pineapple.

Afterwards, head to Jackies or MuShu for a white martini and a bite to eat.

Flickerfest Opening, Bondi Beach

Last year the star film of Flickerfest was Adam Elliot's Harvey Krumpet which went on to win an Oscar. This year's contender is Birthday Boy by Sejong Park and it's no wonder there was such a buzz about Friday's Flickerfest opening.

The party continued after the screening and then those with energy to burn finished the night at their favourite Bondi beach bars.

Bondi bustle: Vicki Morgensen and Mark Caldwell (above); Chris Harris and Natasha O'Sullivan (top left); and Haley Pak and Estelle Lee (left)
Beach do: Alessandrio D'Agostino, Daniella Mendes (above); Bini Alessandro, Gozzi Vasco (below)
Summer fun: Elon Zizer, Cara Stricker and Nadia Phillips
Pictures: Richard Dobson

Awed: Veronica Green and Kimberlie Harrison (above) and Gigi and Capi Edgley (right)
Intrigued: Lyndal Molloy and Alicia Doherty
Festive: Daniel Robinson and Rachel Jackson (above) and Alyssa McClellan (left)
Keen: Jodie McClellan
Impressed: Ben Wallen and Rhiana Griffith
Party mood: Anna Brevcha (above) and Jacqueline McKenzie and Pip Fell (right)
Pictures: Richard Dobson

We hope to acquire a scanned copy of this article soon so that we can all see the pictures they mention.

Note: The correct spelling of Ben's last name is "Wollen."

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