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Spreading Her Wings by Amy Edwards, Michael Gadd Printer
Spreading Her Wings
By Amy Edwards and Michael Gadd
Newcastle Herald
January 12, 2006
News, Page 12

MULBRING actress Rhiana Griffith will leave the Hunter this month and head for Hollywood.

The 20-year-old will follow in the footsteps of stars like Sarah Wynter, Naomi Watts and her friend Lochinvar actress Abbie Cornish, who have all spent time living and working overseas to advance their acting careers.

Like Cornish, however, Griffith is not about to take herself overseas indefinitely.

Cornish has just finished filming A Good Year opposite Russell Crowe in France, which will give her a deserved crack at Hollywood.

"I grew up with Abbie," Griffith said. "Abbie is really taking her time with things and that's admirable."

Griffith plans to spend a few months in LA gaining management and attending auditions.

"I'll see how it goes and what sort of response I get," she said. "This will probably be the first trip of many."

Leaving at the end of this month, Griffith will first backpack through Europe and meet up with her Pitch Black co-star and friend Vin Diesel in Spain where he is shooting Hannibal.

Diesel is directing and starring in the film about the Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca (Diesel) who led an elephant-riding battalion across the Alps to attack Rome in the third century BC.

Following her European trip, Griffith will head to LA where she has found an apartment and hopes to nab some auditions.

"It's always been on the cards. I've left it longer than I planned to," Griffith said of going to LA.

Besides Pitch Black, the actress has featured in the Australian film 15 Amore and has had a string of roles in popular television dramas such as Home and Away, All Saints and White Collar Blue.

Her most recent flick was the short film Wrong Answer.

Griffith played the lead role in the psychological thriller which won best film at the Frankly Film Fest in Middleton, Ohio.

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