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Figuratively Speaking by Author Unknown Printer

Figuratively Speaking
By Author Unknown
Hunter Life
September, 2006

An upcoming exhibition planned for late September will showcase the talents of Novocastrian artists Gareth Graham and Rhiana Griffith.

Their works are diverse in their own right yet together they depict the emotive body language of the human form.

-- Graham's section of the article omitted. --

Rhiana Griffith is multi-talented in painting and acting and has had major roles in Australian and American films such as Pitch Black, 15 Amore as well as Australian sit-coms.

Born and raised in Mulbring in the Lower Hunter Valley, her paintings have won many awards, and she has had previous sell-out solo shows at the Tighes Hill Gallery over the past two years with another exhibition planned next month in September.

She has recently been cast as an Australian actress in the 1920s that went on to great success in America after performing in a couple of critically acclaimed silent films in a new Australian film based on the life of famous local boxer Les Darcy.

"It was great to read a script which is based on a Hunter Region hero and to have such familiarity with its locations and the kind of people described in it," said Rhiana.

"Rhiana is just 21 years old and despite all her accolades she is very down-to-earth and level headed and believes first and foremost in hard work and achieving her goals," said Diana Middleby, director of Tighes Hill Gallery.

"She has had outstanding recent success exhibiting artworks. One painting entitled "Paperbark" won the Emerging Artist section at the annual Pokolbin Art Scrawl exhibition this year judged by Nick Mitzovich from the Newcastle Regional Gallery.

The second painting titled "Acoustic Nerve" won the Regional art prize in the Weston Art Show Competition."

Her newest exhibition has been inspired by her overseas travels. "At the beginning of this year, I went traveling all around Europe before arriving in America," she said.

"I spent a few months in Hollywood getting to know the place, meeting people and searching for representation and will be heading back in January for a pilot season.

"I'm having a lot of fun putting this latest collection together and I'm sure my recent European trip has had some influence on my work, because of the way I think of this collection. It is like a kind of underground Parisian circus from way back when.

"It's almost like a series of posters for an old circus. It's colorful but has an aged-look to it. It's not scary though. It's just strange and beautiful and interesting and fun."

The exhibition of works runs from September 28 to October 16 at the Tighes Hill Gallery.

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