A Whole New You
©2004, New Film Media Pty. Ltd / Ridgeback Films

Jody Dwyer

Tara Watney

Executive Producer
Ben Adams

Executive Producers
Daniel Klimenko
Michael Sutherland
Jody Dwyer

Production Designer
Daniel Burns

Nick Pollack

Director of Photography
Mark Bliss


Steve Rodgers

Woman in Middle Management
Rachel Gordon

Man in Middle Management
John Sheerin

Rhiana Griffith

Blokes Talking Chicks
Darren Weller
Ashley Lyons
Ewan Sturrock

Angie Aquilina
Fiona Kerlin
Adam Jesser
Alan Crowley
Helen Willis
Carol Willis
Liz Watney
Matt Newcomb
Vanessa Rusten
Linda Handbury
Meaghan Modafteri

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Derek is a lonely mail room clerk in a dead-end job at a large accounting firm. To everyone else in his company, he barely exists. Most people look right through him and don't even know his name. The few who acknowledge his existence treat him like an intruder or an idiot. It's a painfully lonely existence.

One day, however, Derek discovers a flyer that will change him forever. It's a confidence-building course that promises a "whole new, confident you" to those who take it. Derek orders the compact disc; what does he have to lose?

When the disc arrives, Derek listens to its instructions, enraptured. It gives him advice on a "little thing" he can do the very next day to begin asserting who he wants to be. Derek takes the advice... with hilarious results.

Produced by New Film Media to showcase the many production and post-production services they offer to clients, A Whole New You clocks in at 3 minutes and 28 seconds, making it a short-short film. It had its world premiere on September 24, 2004 in Portland, Oregon, at the Portland International Short Short Film Fest, more affectionately referred to as the "PISS FEST." New Film Media also made it available for viewing on their website in three popular formats: MPEG, Quicktime, and Windows Media. Cleverly conceived and directed by accomplished commercial director Jody Dwyer, A Whole New You is essentially a great joke with a killer punch-line.

Rhiana plays the company receptionist, a young woman who only just barely acknowledges Derek's existence. She is one of the few who appears to know his name, but she also clearly considers him a complete incompetent. She is also the first to witness his astonishing transformation into a Whole New Derek, and the look on her face when she does is priceless. Engaging and a lot of fun, A Whole New You shows once again that Rhiana shines in comedy. In fact, everybody shines... even, at long last, poor Derek himself.

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