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Rhiana has been in some amazing works... too few of which are available for sale. We've hunted down links to every one of her works that we could find, however, and are always keeping an eye out for more of them, and more places for you to get them. In addition, we've set up shopping areas for all of the extraordinarily talented people that Rhiana has worked with, so that you can support their careers as well. The costar shopping pages are still works in progress (some of her costars have been in so many things!) so keep checking back!
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The MovieWe have lots of links to Pitch Black merchandise, including DVDs, videos (both the original release and the "special edition"), the novelization, and a few related items. If it's for sale, we probably know where!
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Cast and CrewWe have a huge collection of works by Rhiana's costars and crewmates on this film. At the moment, probably the only ones who don't have additional works available are the three Muslim boys... but who knows what the future will bring us? Check it out; you'll be amazed by some of the things these people have been in!
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David Twohy, Director


David Twohy has a small but interesting roster of films to his name. He specializes in stories of adventure, intrigue, politics, and magic, and seems to do his best work when he cowrites with a partner. We're pleased to be able to present his body of work here.

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Ken and Jim Wheat, Story


Ken and Jim Wheat are a very close writing team, who have worked together on every single one of their projects. Interestingly enough, Pitch Black/Riddick is not actually their highest-profile work; they wrote A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master under a pseudonym. Their films almost always feature strong, intelligent, empowered women, something we like a great deal.

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Patrick Tatopoulos, creatures


Patrick Tatopoulos is the brilliant mind behind the creatures of dozens of science fiction, fantasy, and horror films. The films he's worked on range from the absolutely brilliant, like I, Robot and Dark City, to box office disappointments like Godzilla and Battlefield Earth. One thing that's been consistent in all of those films, though, is the creativity and realism of Patrick's creatures.

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Ric Anderson (Total Stranger)


Ric Anderson has been doing stunt work since the late '80s. He's a very versatile man, who has served as the horse wrangler for a number of TV shows and movies, has done work as a second-unit cameraman, and has even stretched his acting chops in more than one film, including Pitch Black. In addition to playing the "Total Stranger," he was Vin Diesel's primary stunt double. These days he's in demand as a stunt coordinator for major motion pictures.

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Claudia Black (Shazza)


Probably the best-known face from Pitch Black after Vin Diesel, Claudia is considered by many to be the Queen of Science Fiction Television. She's best known for her role as Aeryn Sun, the beautiful alien badass from Farscape. And oh my god is there a lot of Farscape stuff you can buy! She's also performed guest roles on Hercules, Xena, and Beastmaster, costarred in Queen of the Damned, and provided vocals for an anime and a video game, so be sure to check the first and last pages for the non-Farscape stuff, too!

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Simon Burke (Owens)


An accomplished stage, screen, and television actor, Simon made his screen debut in the controversial film The Devil's Playground in 1976, and has been going nonstop ever since. Deeply involved in the Australian theater community both onstage and in front of the camera, a lot of his works aren't available on video at this time, which is a shame because we'd love to see more of him.

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Keith David (Imam)


One of Hollywood's most accomplished and respected actors, Keith David may not be a household name but it's almost guaranteed that most of us have seen -- or heard -- him, even when we didn't realize it. In addition to being a solid, brilliant actor, his rich, melodic voice is in enormous demand for anime and voice-overs, and he is PBS documentarian Ken Burns' favorite narrator.

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Vin Diesel (Riddick)


Vin was probably the person Rhiana was closest to on the Pitch Black set, and it showed on the screen. The chemistry between Vin and his "lil' sis" sparkled. They've remained very dear friends since then, and Rhiana's artwork hangs in Vin's home. So it's quite fitting to have his works available here on our site.

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Lewis Fitz-Gerald (Paris)


Lewis Fitz-Gerald has been acting since at least 1980 in Australian cinema and television, and recently has begun directing in Australian television. Unfortunately, a lot of his work is unavailable at this time, but we will keep looking for it, because his performances are always solid and the films and shows he lends himself to are definitely worth seeing.

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Cole Hauser (Johns)


The son of actor Wings Hauser, Cole made his screen debut in the early '90s and has been going nonstop ever since. Although some of his roles put him in danger of being typecast as a villain, he's also starred in several more sympathetic, and even romantic roles. His performance as William Johns, a seemingly law-abiding marshall who slowly descends into madness in Pitch Black, riveted us.

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Angela Makin (Dead Crewmember)


Angela's appearance in Pitch Black was very brief. She only has a few small credits to her name at this time, including stunts in Paradise Road and a role in the TV series Chameleon. Interestingly enough, there's an Angela Makin who sells beautiful Renaissance Faire dresses in Australia... is it the same woman? We wish we knew, and we wish we had a picture of her!

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Radha Mitchell (Carolyn Fry)


Radha has long been a popular actress in her native Australia, where she first made her mark in television. Now she's moving towards A-List status in Hollywood, appearing in several high-profile movies like Man On Fire and Phone Booth. We're delighted to be able to showcase a number of her works, both popular and obscure, here.

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John Moore (Zeke)


John Moore has been acting both in Australian and American movies and television shows for years. He's performed in such high-profile American series as The X-Files and The Outer Limits and appeared in Get Carter and Dreamcatcher, along with a number of fascinating Australian indie films. His work is always solid and interesting and we're very happy to be able to present it here.

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Vic Wilson (The Captain)


Vic Wilson is a seasoned stunt man who has appeared in a number of high-profile movies, usually doubling for someone else. In Pitch Black he got to die on camera as the captain of the Hunter-Gratzner. Now if we could just find a decent picture of him...

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